Skier Sunray LED Light Series

No longer are they flat and cumbersome. The new Sunray series is built with portability and power in mind.
Applications include product photography, portraits, background lightings, key lights and flood lightings.

What used to be bulky and heavy and very tedious to setup is now a thing of the past. The Sunray series is small and light.
But power is not compromise. Starting from 30W to a whopping 260W to light up a decent scene effectively.

30W LED Track Light
30W Track light

Universal line voltage track light heads fit in 2-wire single circuit track systems.


Compact, powerful and lightweight, a good light for most applications.

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160 SPOT
160 Spot

Powerful and lightweight for video productions and photography.

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200 Focus DT
200 Focus DT

Adjustable from spot to flood. 200W power, single and dual color temperature.

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200 Cube DT
200 Cube DT

Dual color temperature, 200W power in a compact size. Built-in bowens mount.

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260 DT
260 DT

Brightest at 260W, equivalent to a 3000W light. Retains a small body and lightweight.

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Sunray Copy Box II
Sunray Copy Box II

LED light box for use with your camera setup to convert 120 and 135 format films and slides to digital.

  • Large compartment
    • 9 - 12.9 inch tablet
    • hidden rain coat
    • large accessories
    • cables
  • Lens compartment
    • 3kg maximum load
    • medium accessories
    • flip cover
  • 2-pocket compartment
    • lens filter
    • mobile phones
    • water bottles
    • small accessories
  1. Tripple Dock
  2. Compartment for Accessories (CFA-B)
  3. Compartment for Lens (CFL-B)
  4. Large Compartment (CFT-B)
  5. Large rain cover tucked behind Large Compartment
  6. Duffel Bag
  7. Straps x 2
Wireless Remote
Syncs up to 32 panels
Softbox attachment
Diffusion when required
X-mount brackets
Quick and easy to assemble
Model HB-48 HB-48S HB-100W
Output 45W (3200K=45W/5600K=45W) 100W (3200K=100W/5600K=100W)
Voltage AC 110-240V
Color temperature 3200–5600K
CRI 96
Operating temperature -15ºC to 50ºC
Illumination 1800Lux/1m 3000Lux/1m 3200Lux/1m
LED beads type Flat shape CAP shape Flat shape
LED beads quantity 120 pcs 192 pcs 240 pcs
Waterproofing rating IP6 Not waterproof IP6
Measurement 34 x 34 cm 34 x 53 cm
Weight 270g 320g
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